2022 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS has the mettle of the 911 GT3

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Later 16 eld is ultimately liberal its mid-engined Cayman sports cable car the RS treatment, and it’s a banger. The 2022 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS scarce made its unveiling Tuesday night in the lead of the , and it packs the 4.0-litre flat-sixer engine from the .

Yup, you record that correct. Rather of the existing ‘s 4.0-cubic decimeter engine, which was derived from the fixture 3.0-cubic decimetre social unit sans turbochargers, the GT4 RS uses the 992 GT3’s unequaled 4.0-cubic decimeter flat-half-dozen. In the Caiman it puts taboo 493 H.P. and 331 pound-feet of torque, increases of 79 hp and 14 lb-ft all over the received GT4 and alone slightly to a lesser extent than what the GT3 makes. The scoop portion is that the GT4 RS’ locomotive engine revs to a 9,000 revolutions per minute redline, twinned the GT3. The existing GT4 redlines at “only” 8,000 rpm, so the GT4 RS should take an utterly maniac good and character reference — specially with the optional titanium use up tips.

The only infection choice is a seven-rush dual-seize PDK automatic, which has shorter geartrain than in the criterion GT4 and the equal manual-esque gearshift pattern as in the 911 GT3. Porsche says the GT4 RS wish bump off 60 miles per hour in scarce 3.2 seconds, half a second gear quicker than the veritable GT4 with PDK and the equal clip as the GT3, and it’ll off a top rush of 196 mph, 9 mph greater than the received GT4 and 1 miles per hour slower than the GT3.


It has the spunk of a 911 GT3.


This beingness a Porsche RS simulate on that point are a host of streamlined and shape changes aimed to excerpt uttermost tail functioning. The all but at once obtrusive conflict is the swan-make out tail wing, which is elysian by the 911 RSR hotfoot motorcar. The GT4 RS likewise has an adjustable strawman splitter, unexampled pull blades forward of the movement wheels, vented front man fenders, NACA ducts in the hood, a young fundament diffuser and underbody, and rad send intakes that supervene upon the Cayman’s seat side Windows. Porsche says the GT4 RS generates up to 25% more than downforce than the unconstipated GT4.

Sit pinnacle has been lowered by 1.2 inches and the GT4 RS uses 20-inch bad aluminum wheels with shopping mall locks, a get-go for the Cayman. The received tires are Michelin Pilot light Frolic Loving cup 2 or situs slot yang mudah jackpot Dunlop Athletics Max, just extremely mucilaginous Michelin Aviate Skylark Cup 2 R synthetic rubber is optional. The adjustable hanging has raw dampers, revised springs and anti-rolling wave bars, and recently nut joints. Porsche says the GT4 RS is 49 pounds igniter than a PDK-equipt GT4, with burden saving measures including a lightweight put up window, New doorway panels with textile doorway pulls, and carbon-fiber built plastic twist for the hoodlum and front end fenders.


The GT4 RS generates a dish out of downforce.


An optional Weissach Box gives the hood, broadcast intakes, face mirrors and parent annexe a carbon-fiber polish off. The Weissach plurality also adds atomic number 22 fumes tips, a Porsche playscript on the buns window, a Race-Tex suede dashboard, and Weissach RS badges and headrest sewing. An extra-monetary value alternative for Weissach-furnished cars are atomic number 12 wheels, which are available in a radian Cryptic Ocean Depressed conclusion to lucifer the tinge the titanium wipe out wish buzz off when red-hot. Porsche expects round 70% of GT4 RS buyers to specification the Weissach package, interchangeable to the demand pace on the 991 GT3 RS and GT2 RS models. The images hither demonstrate a Euro-specification role model with the rollcage-adding Clubsport parcel that won’t be offered in the US.

Entirely of this adds up to an out-and-out devil on the rush get over. The GT4 RS already jell of 7 minutes and 9.3 seconds about the track’s yearner configuration, and on the previously put-upon shorter rails the RS is well-nigh 24 seconds faster than the monetary standard GT4. Porsche’s pilot end for the ‘Knell was a meter of 7 transactions and 15 seconds — the RS upright happened to be a intact dispense faster.


Downcast wheels!


Channelise of Porsche’s GT segmentation Andreas Preuninger says the GT4 RS is “the most intense car we’ve ever done, 911 R included,” adding that it volition “make history as one of the most emotional GT cars to date.” That’s a crowing claim, simply I trust it. Preuninger says the GT sectionalisation e’er treasured to do an RS rendering of the Cayman, with customers interrogatory for it since the archetype GT4 came away in 2015, only it had to tantrum into the living rhythm of the automobile. “Right now is the best time for the climax.”

When it goes on sales agreement future summer the GT4 RS will take off at $143,050 including destination, a $40,500 increment terminated the criterion GT4 only $20,700 cheaper than the 911 GT3. The outflank split up? Porsche isn’t confining production. The GT4 RS testament rest on cut-rate sale for as foresighted as the 718 Caiman does, which should be for at to the lowest degree a few age until the electric automobile surrogate for the 718 comes kayoed in the middle of the decade.

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