Aston Martin Valhalla 2021

aston martin valhalla

Aston Martin Valhalla 2021 – Here we present the most important new cars, new trucks, and new SUVs for 2020 and beyond. Serving as backdrop to their debuts are tensions with Russia, political instability in Europe, the prospect of ecological disaster and energy crises, and the dawn of another golden era of automotive awesomeness—you’d be forgiven for thinking it was the 1950s all over again. The Cold War is over, true, and while we still (!) don’t have our Jetsons flying cars, this year’s crop of new and future vehicles would satisfy even the terror-fueled imagination of a kid who’d lived through the Red Scare.

If you’ve been keeping up with the car industry over the past decade or so, you’ll find familiar themes throughout this year’s selection of what we believe to be the most salient new and future cars, including autonomous driving, electric propulsion, and advanced aerodynamics. But you’ll also find the realest of the real among today’s wheels, including a few examples of the endangered stick shift, a disproportionate amount of rear-wheel drive, and horsepower figures that would, on occasion, make an early rocket scientist blush. Whether they’re gas-burners or pure electrics, supercars or SUVs, every vehicle on our list is a reason to hope we all get to keep waking up for many years to come.

Alfa Romeo’s been worryingly quiet as of late. We haven’t had a new production debut from the Italian brand since the Stelvio SUV in 2016, but we’ve heard plenty of rumors regarding the future. For one, the Tonale concept, which previews a sub-Stelvio crossover, is all but inevitable. But we’re more focused on rumors of a forthcoming GTV coupe and the return of the range-topping 8C super-GT rendered above. The former is said to be an all-wheel-drive coupe based on the existing Giulia platform, packing 600 horsepower from a hybridized twin-turbo V-6, at least according to a slide from Alfa’s presentation on its five-year plan.

2021 Aston Martin Valhalla

Valhalla isn’t just the stuff of Norse legend—it’s the name of Aston Martin’s Valkyrie-inspired road car. Built around a turbocharged V-6 hybrid drive system, Aston has promised the Valhalla will surpass first-gen hypercars like the Porsche 918 Spyder and Ferrari LaFerrari in terms of power. Still about two years from production, the Valhalla will borrow from Aston’s existing ultra-high-performance track cars, nabbing the Vulcan’s sealed oil system for better lubrication under g-load, while the chassis and bodywork are all carbon fiber. An adaptive suspension will be the key to helping the AM-RB 003 make the transition to roadworthy Valhalla.

Aston Martin’s future isn’t all hypercars, however, and it’s not even all Aston Martin. Its Lagonda sub-brand is making a return, and it’s likely to do so first with something like the Lagonda All-Terrain Concept. We expect to learn more as 2022 draws nearer.

But the gang from Gaydon won’t leave it there. The next Vanquish will go mid-engine. Instead of a carbon-fiber chassis and body, expect bonded aluminum to be the main medium.

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