Bending A Soccer Ball

Then, slice Earth open along the meridian, and, site ( holding the poles fastened, shrink the surface until it covers precisely half the sphere (say the Western hemisphere). Make a copy of this shrunken floor, or coat, and fill within the lacking Jap hemisphere. Stitch the 2 coats collectively. The result’s a new soccer ball with twice as many pentagons and hexagons as earlier than.

The tennis balls used at Shanghai Rolex Masters are sponsored by Dunlop. Earlier the subsidiary of Sumitomo group, Srixon have been their suppliers after which they merged with Dunlop. Dunlop has change into the Silver Associate of the ATP as in addition they sponsor the year-end tournament Nitto ATP Finals, apart from the other prestigious tournaments on tour.

Facebook said it teamed up with thirteen universities and labs that recruited 750 folks to capture greater than 2,200 hours of first-person video over two years. The members, who lived within the UK, Italy, India, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, the US, Rwanda and Colombia, shot videos of themselves participating in everyday actions resembling taking part in sports activities, buying, gazing at their pets or gardening. They used a variety of wearable units, together with GoPro cameras, Vuzix Blade good glasses and ZShades video recording sunglasses.

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