Employment Maid Agency

Our understanding of our client’s requirements permits us to choose and stringently select out the best suited domestic workers to fulfill and cater to all our client’s needs. Upon the domestic helper’s arrival in Singapore, we display screen their capabilities by way of chores and language expertise. By finding out these home staff weakness, we specifically trained and reinforce in them the talents or etiquettes they need to posses. Re-training will even be carried out should employers highlight certain issues to us. As each household is essentially totally different, we customise our trainings to that of fitting your wants. Here at Frondosa Metropolis Employment Company FCMaid, we are also known to have the best set of myanmar maid at an inexpensive charge as well.

2. When you complete the first step, now you need to apply for a IPA ( in principle approval ) from the Mother to carry in the maid from their country of origin. You’ll be able to do this by yourself or by engaging an employment company in Singapore, often after submitting your paperwork, NRIC, income tax, the worker passport etc it will probably take up to 7 working days to obtain the IPA.

…The Act serves to guard small shoppers who lack the experience or resources to guard themselves against unfair practices. Hence retailers which show the CaseTrust emblem are effectively telling customers that they have the peace of mind of realizing that these retailers have undergone stringent criteria administered not solely by CaseTrust but also by an independent physique made up of execs from related industries. These transparent procedures ensure that CaseTrust’s standards are maintained in an unbiased manner. By means of the scheme, members are stored abreast of client traits and new developments in the trade.”

Because of our experience and skilful experience in the sector of foreign home maids as properly because the transfer of maids in Singapore, we are equipped to provide exactly what purchasers require, and match them with the right candidate as per their expectations. Our company is located in the center of the town, proper next to Tanglin Mall. We endeavour to make sure that our dedicated and experienced staffs all the time meet your necessities and priorities. We even have a service for consistently reviewing your helper’s performance, so that all your requirements are adequately met.

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