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Yuri soon finds herself in a wierd world of skyscrapers with solely two options for escape-fight past the mysterious masked figures or leap to her dying! We do end up discovering that the 2 knew each other earlier than arriving in the strange world, however. A sequel, High-Rise Invasion Arrive, set a while after the first story, was launched a couple of months after the end of the primary sequence. The primary trailer for High-Rise Invasion, an anime that can be launched on Netflix next year, blends together dizzying heights with masked killers, all competing for survival against each other in a Battle Royale-model sport. The anime adaptation of High-Rise Invasion has made its debut on Netflix. “The unhinged and gory death-recreation manga High-Rise Invasion, created by Tsuina Miura (Ajin: Demi-Human) and Takahiro Oba (Box!), lastly will get an anime adaptation! The primary character visuals for High-Rise Invasion, Netflix’s adaptation of the manga by Tsuina Miura and Takahiro Oba, have been released. In line with Den of Geek the protagonist Yuri Honjo, the high schoole4 combating masked killers in a world of excessive rise buildings, is voiced by Suzie Yeung in English and within the Japanese version, it’s Haruka Shiraishi who has given her voice to the same character.

The show began airing on the streaming platform on February 25. High Rise Invasion season 1 was directed by Masahiro Takata and written by Tōko Machida. Masahiro Takata is directing the series from a script tailored by Touko Machida while tatsuo and Youichi Sakai crew-as much as compose the collection’ music. The new sequence seems to be a lot like the Raid meets the Japanese collection, Alice in Borderland. Netflix is bringing the highly acclaimed Japanese manga collection ‘High-Rise Invasion’ to its streaming platform, beginning February 25, 2021. The forthcoming collection relies on Tsuina Miura and Takahiro’s work of the same title. High-Rise Invasion started as a manga sequence in 2013 by writer-artist duo Tsuina Miura who’s identified for the series Ajin and Takahiro Oba who created the short series Stand By Me. High-Rise Invasion Omnibus Volume 1 collects volumes 1-2, and options story by Tsuina Miura and artwork by Takahiro Oba. High-Rise Invasion features unaware victims caught in a kill or be killed state of affairs atop excessive-rise buildings. Haruka Shiraishi will probably be voicing the lead position of Yuri Honjou, certainly one of the various unfortunate victims of the high-rise buildings. And that i genuinely did go into High-Rise with about as dangerous an perspective as you will get.

She has to either fight back or get killed. Not even Yuri or Mayuko can match him, along with his crowning second being when is high rise invasion season 2 he catches a bullet and flings it back on the physician, Aohara, killing him. It leaves Yuri and Mayuko petrified within the high-rise battle as they’re out of ideas, proving Aikawa to be a true genius as he manipulates each sides — especially the nice Angel as a weapon. Kuon may also management the “railgun” — a large tower that may blow other buildings up — so she becomes a prized asset who’s sought after because the candidates need management of this gun in the high-rise conflict. What is High-Rise Invasion About? Unfortunately, anime followers can have to attend till Netflix’s High-Rise Invasion Season 2 release date to look at what happens next. WARNING: The following comprises spoilers for Season 1 of High-Rise Invasion, now streaming on Netflix. You can watch the official trailer from Netflix Anime beneath. That’s often par for the course with Netflix licenses outdoors of Japan, but eagle-eared viewers will most likely acknowledge lots of the voices on this trailer highlighting the anime’s huge solid.

Netflix launched a translated trailer for the upcoming anime. As earlier reported, ‘High-Rise Invasion’, which was originally released in 2013, follows Yuri Honjo, a high school pupil, who finds herself trapped in a world crammed with giant skyscrapers, connected by suspension bridges, and have a number of masked figures who are on a killing spree. Netflix has solely launched a handful of roles and the respective forged members for ‘High Rise Invasion’. He did specific his desire to play more male roles in the future. The folks in masks also seem to play a task in this whole factor. Apparently it is a celestial realm, a check with some individuals getting dropped in to see which customers have otherworldly powers. The breakdown of the world round Yuri has to have been orchestrated by a major occasion or change in societal rules, ala The Purge franchise. It’s a sadistic act however the nice Angel believes it is a holy campaign, all within the title of justice and setting the world proper against “demons” he deems unworthy. As a God candidate, Aikawa has full energy with how he can control masks on this abnormal world of skyscrapers, but he is indignant with the failure of Kusakabe and different minions to eliminate the opposition.

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