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Shelman or will receive elbow surgery during the offset period

Although the Seattle Hawks were sprained in the national contest in the national contest in the country of the two weeks ago, cheap oakley holbrook he still insisted that it was born in the super bowl. According to the infession, Shelman is likely to receive Tommy John surgery during the offset period, and the elbow ligament is reconstructed.

In the game with Green Bay packaging, Shelman collided with teammates in a rotation run, and wounded. Since the injury, he insisted on training and still gave a high level of performance in the superblock. His clams and defensive are still very stable, and they have not deliberately avoiding the left hand. There was a message indicated that in addition to the elbow, cheap sunglasses Sherman’s shoulder also had injuries. However, the insider emphasizes that if you need to receive surgery, the part will be limited to elbows. In addition, the insider did not disclose the specific injury and inspection or even surgery.

Tommy – John surgery is roughly two-sided bone joints in elbow joint, and then intercept the tendon on the wrist joint, re-joining the joint after passing through the drill, then sewing. After drilling adhesion, lower forearm and the upper arm bone connecting root tendons ligaments will produce similar effects. This surgical similar to the replacement ligament will help athletes overcome the elbow ligament injury.

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