In The Traditional Chinese Medicine Area

The human physique is regarded as an built-in organic entity in the traditional Chinese language Medicine subject and it is believed that every part of the human body is structurally inseparable, exerts a co-ordinating and influential position in physiological and pathological features. In the normal Chinese Medicine subject, much emphasis has been positioned on sustaining the overall relationships particularly, the inner a part of human physique, human and nature, human and society, the applying of “harmony between human and nature” concept in understanding the life phenomenon, and observing, analyzing and dealing with of diseases by adopting the macro and holistic approach. The “holistic” idea is the one among the fundamental traits of Traditional Chinese Drugs theories and it has been utilized throughout the clinical follow.

– A stiff or inflexible tongue is troublesome to move (protrude, retract, aspect to facet). This will likely cause speech abnormalities corresponding to slurring or mumbled speech. A stiff tongue is an indication of Excess, and often one in all Internal Wind.

– If a stiff tongue is accompanied by a bluish purple tongue body, this normally signifies potential or impending Wind-Stroke.

– If a stiff tongue is accompanied by a vivid pink tongue physique, this usually signifies heat in the guts and Pericardium disturbing the Shen (Spirit).

– If a stiff tongue is accompanied by a thick sticky tongue coating, this normally indicates “Phlegm Misting the heart”.


Ho-shou-wu is actually non-toxic and without any serious side-effects. Nonetheless, it incorporates anthraquinones which are likely to trigger soft stool and will even trigger slight diarrhea in some customers. The processed ho-shou-wu has much less of this effect than the dried ho-shou-wu. Due to this effect, it is recommended that persons who already endure from unfastened stool use this herb cautiously. There may be a really slight chance of liver hypersensitivity to intestinal metabolites of the ho-shou-wu lively elements. Lately, a clinical report of 1 such case was published (18). Nevertheless, given the very vast-unfold use of this herb, it’s cheap to assume that the possibilities of such an hostile response are fairly small.

Anxiety is a psychological disorder that affects actually thousands and thousands of people. It’s an sickness that usually dovetails with depression and alternates from mild discomfort to almost uncontrollable panic with physical signs. While some medications have been recognized to ease anxiety, they may also undergo from undesirable negative effects, suppressing the signs whereas making people chemically toxic.

Li Shi Chen (1517-1593) The nice Medical Textbook Writer: Although has early life was a complete zero, (an actual loser), his profession took a turn for the better, when after flunking out on his Civil Service exams, he turned his attention to pharmacy. As we speak, he might be best known for rewriting and updating most of the classical Chinese medical texts. Most likely his most essential work being a rewrite of the “The Great Natural of Medicine” [Pen Ts’ao Kang Mu], which of and of itself was no small process.

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