Japanese Chef Knives

Takohiki (Sashimi) Sq. form, longer blade of Sashimi Knife, designed for same purpose as Yanagiba. Not for slicing “Tako” (Octopus) but for making Sashimi. The sting line is nearly straight, while Yanagiba knife’s blade edge line is extra curved in the direction of the blade tip. The Takohiki was in style in Eastern Japan (around Tokyo).

Hailing from Hong Kong, Syohachi Yakiniku is the latest addition to the local yakiniku scene after opening its door in mid-November. The restaurant prides itself on sourcing Sendai wagyu beef from an award-winning ranch in Japan in addition to its all-you-can-eat mannequin. The Ala Carte A5 Wagyu Beef Buffet dinner, for example, starts at $70++ a person with an extra $eight for Fridays, weekends and eve of public holidays.

As soon as it’s baked and cooled down, you start icing your cake and decorate it precisely as you need to. Ultimately, you feel a robust sense of accomplishment and whenever you finally lower into the cake to share it with your family, you can be proud that you have been the one who made it.

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