Back at the house Bill made us drinks and he and I sat on the sofa while Marnie sat in the chair across from us. I kicked off my new shoes complaining my feet were sore. At that point Bill knelt on the floor and started giving me a foot massage. Marnie said, “He never does that for me,” as she laughed.

Soon however, his hands left my feet and started working their way up my legs. They pushed my dress up and I opened my legs, exposing my pussy to both Bill and Marnie. Bill started licking my labia as his hands parted my lips, Blowjob his tongue entered me.

I leaned back moaning in ecstasy. I watched as Marnie pulled up her dress and put her hand Kylie Rocket inside her panties as she watched her husband licking her neighbor’s wet pussy.

Bill was good. He buried his tongue deep inside me, then gave my labia long slow licks, as he repeated the process. He then started using his fingers to play with my clit. That sent me into my second orgasm of the evening.

Bill sat next to me and held me as we watched Marnie stand up and Blowjob remove her dress. Smiling as she undid her bra and released her large breasts. They were stunning and sumptuous. She then slipped off her stockings and panties and walked over to us and hugged the two of us as we were hugging and kissed us both and returned to her seat. Bill and I watched as she opened her legs and Kylie Rocket began to finger herself in front of us.

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