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As sample examples are fed to this network (training), the system is able to progressively determine the basis for deciding whether an article (test case) is true, so that judgement can be passed on an entirely new example, later. With a suitable user interface for the described game, we can make the content more engaging and will have succeeded in fitting current technology to the education system such that the young generation can leverage its benefits. Using Kahoot! as example, an image of a question we would put to students is presented in Figure 12; students would be asked to reflect on whether the content is a paid ad. Kahoot! is an interesting option to be presented as an example and even used in classrooms, as it can be easily adopted and maintained. Basically, given a claim and the three evidence articles, the student now needs to classify the claim as fake or true and select an evidence link from the provided list that they believe is a valid evidence and can back their decision.

Each data sample contains the following fields: a claim, a claimant, some evidence articles, and finally, a label (among 0, 1, and 2, where 0 denotes False, 2 denotes True and 1 denotes a Neutral claim) that were scraped from the article’s webpage. The astonishing backing for Modi among a sample of 12,178 people across the country continues despite 53 per cent of the voters polled believing that the grim jobs scenario is a pointer to a deeper economic crisis facing the country. Therefore, we add an attention mechanism (attn.) to the network, which provides a soft pointer and tells the model which part of text to focus on, while making a prediction. Our backend is made up of a Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) cells (Hochreiter & Schmidhuber, 1996) coupled with an attention mechanism (Bahdanau, Cho, & Bengio, 2014). An LSTM is a special type of recurrent neural network (RNN) which can learn a meaningful representation4 of a given piece of text (claims and articles, in our case).

Our algorithm is intentionally a simplistic baseline to predict truthfulness, but the inclusion of the attention mechanism then enables us to highlight a subset of text to students, as outlined below. More specifically, we propose using games in order to deliver some of the lessons to students, in a setting where students are asked to respond to questions and educators are responsible for directing class discussion, once the results from the games are revealed. To be more precise, we will use it in the implementation of the “Help” checkbox. For each claim, there will be a “Help” checkbox (described in more detail in the following subsection), which when chosen, will highlight important chunks in the provided text as shown in Figure 9. A scoring system could be introduced if running the quiz as a game. We only need an automated system that can identify important chunks of text in a large body of text.

In this section, we elaborate on how technology can be used as part of the education of students about digital misinformation. A total of 40 teams (ranked from 1 to 40) are taking part in the second round. We developed this bracket to be customizable, allowing you to fill in the points per round in the topmost row, and entering special instructions, rules and notes in the large blank space situated in the middle of the lower half of the bracket. At the end of the round of questions, there should be a ranking presenting which user (student) scored the highest points. 3. For every correct score predicted you will receive 3 points and for every correct result predicted (win/ draw) you will be awarded 1 point. 2 points, whereas each incorrect answer scores 0; furthermore, they lose 1 point if they select a link from the blacklist, and 0.5 point if they choose a link that is neither in the blacklist nor the whitelist.

Students should answer the questions as they appear. We believe that gamification of the idea will encourage students to really focus on the given task, which in turn, will help them identify the attributes of fake content online. Identifying content as accurate or not is just as important as understanding how to solve basic math questions and we propose an idea of including this training in classroom settings through the means of interactive quizzes and games. The Premier League has confirmed that a deal has been reached to broadcast all of the remaining 92 games of the 2019/20 season with Arsenal set to kick-off the return to action against Manchester City on 17 June. Solskjaer’s side will next take on Everton in the 2020-21 Premier League on Saturday. The 2020-21 championship field will consist of 12 teams with the tournament running from April 30 through May 9. This year’s tournament will have 12 teams in the field. Through the help of the Stream East MLB, consumers may easily quite easily enjoy MLB events without the need for pop-up ads. Additionally, the teacher would also receive a detailed report which would contain every student’s submitted response so that, in the future, they can help the students improve by educating them about their mistakes.

The teacher first creates a digital classroom by registering on the web-app. The authors of this paper are part of the first generation that grew up with the widespread use of internet; most of us are somewhat adept in identifying fake and promoted content since we have seen the landscape evolve. Once the students go through the entire content of the screen, they need to register their two responses using the iClicker-type device. Researchers have shown that game-based learning helps to promote in students both critical thinking and content review (Dellos, 2015). In addition to capturing the attention of students, this activity could also assist in putting into practice the learned theory and clarifying possible remaining doubts regarding the content presented. Finally, when the game concludes, the teacher will have access to a leaderboard corresponding to the game session that can be shown to the students. A leaderboard will be maintained for the entire class with the student with the most points on top.

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