OnlyFans’ founder has blamed banks for the company’s ban on sexually explicit content, which stars of the platform say will either force them out of business or else drive them to switch to a new channel

OnlyFans’ founder has blamed banks for the company’s ban on sexually explicit content, which stars of the platform say will either force them out of business or else drive them to switch to a new channel.

Company founder Tim Stokely was last week condemned for abandoning Porn Sex workers who say they’ve built his fortune, but he has now insisted that banks which process the start-up’s payments were to blame for the ban. 

‘The change in policy, we had no choice — the short answer is banks,’ he told the . 

He blasted the ultimatum he says his firm was issued with as ‘unfair’ and said banks had warned him they were incurring ‘reputational risk’ by handling OnlyFans’ finances. 

Stokely claimed UK-based Metro Bank closed OnlyFans’ corporate account on short notice in 2019, and accused US firm Bank of New York Mellon of ‘making it difficult to pay our creators’, having ‘flagged and rejected’ every wire associated with the firm.

He also hit out at another American bank, Video Bokep JP Morgan Chase, Foto Porno saying: ‘JPMorgan Chase is particularly aggressive in closing accounts of Porn Sex workers or any business that supports Porn Sex workers,’ he continued.

Tim Stokely, the British entrepreneur behind the website OnlyFans, has blamed the decision last week to ban sexually explicit content was the result of pressure from banks

He added: ‘We pay over one million creators over $300 million every month, and making sure that these funds get to creators involves using the banking sector,’ he told the Financial Times in an interview published Tuesday.

Following the announcement last week, several Porn Sex workers told the PA news agency they intended to find a new platform and expected OnlyFans to close as a result of many others leaving.

Stokely said he would ‘absolutely’ allow pornographic content to return to the site if banks changed their approach.

‘This decision (to ban explicit content) was made to safeguard their funds and subscriptions from increasingly unfair actions by banks and media companies,’ he said.

‘We obviously do not want to lose our most loyal creators.’  

The platform, which is popular among Porn Sex workers, recently announced new rules coming into effect in October that prohibit ‘any content containing sexually explicit conduct’ – though non-sexual nudity will still be permitted.

Porn Sex workers and Porn Sex models who have built their livelihoods on OnlyFans accused the website of ‘using them’ and then ‘betraying them’. 

Initially the London-based company said the move was being introduced due to pressure from financial partners, leading some to assume payment processors Mastercard and Visa were behind it.

Stokely said Chase, Metro Bank and Bank of New York Mellon were to blame for the change in policy, Porn Video which has angered many content creators on the site



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One US-based creator, Camila Elle, Video Bokep 21, Indo Bokep accused the site of ‘using’ its explicit creators to promote it on social media and draw in users.

She said that many, including herself, Porn Sex have turned OnlyFans into a full-time career, Video Bokep abandoning other professional opportunities in order to dedicate themselves to creating the kind of risque images and Video Bokep videos that will soon be banned. 

Porn Sex workers and models have slammed OnlyFans’ decision to ban sexually explicit content from October 1 – with US-based user Camila Elle accusing the site of ‘using them’ 

The 21-year-old college student took aim at OnlyFans, saying that ‘Porn Sex workers built the platform’ and accusing it of ‘throwing them away’

New York-based OnlyFans star Ona Artist said that it is ‘suicide’ for the site to ban sexually explicit content, insisting Porn Sex workers will find another platform 

‘I feel betrayed by OnlyFans, Video Porno I made it my entire livelihood, Porn Sex and Video Porno quit my dreams of becoming a doctor to pursue a full time career on the site,’ the college student said. 

Porn Sex workers built this platform, Indo Bokep it’s a business to us.

We were the ones who promoted OnlyFans across social media.

‘They used us to build the site and now they’re throwing us away.’ 

Stokely said the company was hiring almost 200 new moderators to a team of nearly 1,000 staff members who are ‘involved in some part of our multi-step moderation process’. 

He told the FT that the new rules have also delayed the company’s plan for a share sale.

Majority owner Leonid Radvinsky, the Ukrainian-American entrepreneur behind Porn Sex site MyFreeCams, is looking to sell part of his stake. 

Stokely rejected reports that wariness from investors had sparked the move. 

‘We didn’t make this policy change to make it easier to find investors,’ said Stokely, arguing his family and Radvinsky would not bring in owners that were not comfortable with adult performers.   

His comments come amid growing outrage against the increasing number of celebrities who have joined the website – and Bokep now rake in millions of dollars a month from their subscribers, with many charging top prices for images that are much more tame than the sexually explicit content many Porn Sex workers offer on the site. 

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