QUIKRETE® Advanced Polymer Mortar Joint Sealant

– Extremely resilient with glorious restoration traits

– Supplies permanent and uniform watertight seal.

– Prevents uncontrolled cracking by permitting enlargement and contraction during temperature changes.

– Stays versatile … won’t change into brittle or crack due to ultraviolet exposure.

– Resists abrasion, weathering and moisture … elevated temperatures will not trigger discoloration.

– Not affected by today’s pool chemicals.

– Retains joint soundness in service once it’s cured and may be stretched or compressed up to 25%.

Mixing Video | DECK-O-SEAL Protection Chart | Technical Bulletin: Care and Maintenance

Professional Epoxy injection floors installed is carried out utilizing a multi-step process. We start by thoroughly cleansing the flooring and making minor repairs. We then apply a number of coats of a resin-primarily based epoxy in the colour and texture of your selecting. Over a number of hours, the floor will cure into a thick coating resistant to impacts or future harm.

SUPERIORTOP is a heavy-duty three part, 100% stable, structural epoxy floor surfacing system that gives wear-resistance and safety from damaging substances such as acids, alkalis, oils, fats and solvents. SUPERIORTOP also gives skid-resistance and corrosion protection of latest or outdated masonry substrates. SUPERIORTOP could also be sealed with a topcoat to improve abrasion resistance, gloss retention and non-skid properties.

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