Renee Gracie is going to 'spend $1 million' to fund supercars return

OnlyFans queen Renee Gracie is set to spend nearly $1 million to get herself back on the racetrack.  

Speaking to this week, Indo Bokep Renee revealed her ambitions to ‘buy her own team’ to enter the Bathurst 1000.    

‘I am looking to Video Bokep buy my own team,’ the bombshell said. ‘I get offers every second day to go and Video Porno race in somebody else’s car.’ 

Star: Video Porno OnlyFans star Renee Gracie, Porn Sex 26, Bokep (pictured) is going to ‘spend $1 million’ to fund her return to the V8 race car circuit, Porn Sex according to a report in the Daily Telegraph this week

Porn Video Renee said she wanted to keep her own dream alive meaning she was hoping to get a wildcard entry into the Bathurst 1000.   

Wildcard entries are given to promising crowd-pleasers or Bokep retired racers to help attract more attention to the sport. 


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Renee said she could revive the Porn Video ‘boring sport’ given the amount of interest she would attract the race track. 

‘I think it is completely possible that I would be considered for Foto Telanjang a wildcard,’ Gracie said. 

Team: Video Bokep ‘I am looking to buy my own team,’ the star told the publication. ‘I get offers every second day to go and Indo Bokep race in somebody else’s car’

Speaking of the interest she could generate for Video Bokep the sport, Video Bokep the adult entertainer said, Foto Telanjang ‘There aren’t too many females that have raced – let alone one that has raced before and Porn Video done Porn Sex.’ 

Renee finished by saying she hasn’t been able to get through an entire race this year, Foto Telanjang due to how ‘boring’ the sport has become.   

‘I turn it off after Video Porno a couple of laps because it is repetitive and Indo Bokep not much is going on. The sport was much better four Foto Porno or Porn Sex five years ago in terms of action,’ she added.

One of a kind: Foto Telanjang The adult entertainer said, Foto Telanjang Video Porno ‘There aren’t too many females that have raced Indo Bokep – let alone one that has raced before and Porn Sex done Porn Video‘ 

She finished by saying she believed she could definitely make the top ten, Foto Porno believing she could ‘battle’ her way in the mid-pack. 

A return to the sport would cost an Video Porno estimated $1 million. 

Renee was part of an all-female team that competed at Bathurst in 2015. Renee also raced with Simona de Silvestro in 2016. 

All girls! Renee was part of an all-female team that competed at Bathurst in 2015. Renee also raced with Simona de Silvestro in 2016 

Renee, Bokep however, Video Bokep quit racing the following year after saying the hefty expenses of the sport made her have to drop out. 

Speaking about her decision to quit Supercars, Video Porno Renee told Daily Mail Australia in July last year that she ‘just couldn’t afford it anymore’.

‘I had to come up with $600,000 a year to race,’ she said. ‘I had to get my own sponsors and Foto Telanjang any crashes or Video Bokep scratches I got on the car I had to pay for Porn Video myself.

‘We had insurance but the excess was so high that the team bosses used to tell me, “Don’t crash – but if you do, make sure you write it off.” Just a minor Bokep crash could cost $10,000. It’s a savage sport.’

Pioneering female V8 Supercar team Simona De Silvestro (left) from Switzerland Video Porno and Video Porno Renee Gracie (right) with their #200 Harvey Norman Supergirls Falcon ahead of the Bathurst 1000, Porn Video which is race 25 of the V8 Supercars Championship at Porn Video Mount Panorama on October 7, Video Porno Foto Porno 2015 


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