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Mix one ounce of lemon juice with two cups of water, then pour this solution directly into your kettle.

If the cleaners know exactly what you are expecting from the service, they’ll have the required time to prepare the necessary tools and solutions.

This helps to save valuable time and the cleaners will know what they need to do when they come to your home or office.

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Lemon-clean your microwave. Take some coarse salt and a lemon. Even after you pull it out of the dishwasher, you’ll probably see bits remaining. Bring it to a boil then let it cool, and your kettle will be clean and descaled! The lemon juice will take care of the odors, while the steamed lemon oil will knock grease into submission. Change it out every week or so.

Whip up a homemade glass cleaner.

Add 3 tablespoons to one cup of water, then add it to a spray bottle.

Lilly Brown operates in a .

Sanitize your cutting board.

Refresh your fridge.

How do you clean a coffee maker?

Sprinkle the salt across your cutting board, then use the fleshy half of a sliced lemon to “scrub” the surface with as much elbow grease as you can muster.

You’ll quickly notice that food stains disappear – smells, too! Spray down your windows then give them an “S-pattern” wipe with a microfiber cloth, and you’re finished!

It provides carpet cleaning services in all components of Sydney.

Our maid cleaning company is partial to baking soda for a fast and easy fridge deodorizer, but did you know that you can do the same with lemon? For example, Technivorn says to use products like Durgol to descale its machines.

It can be used dry or wet — it’s fully waterproof — and comes with beard trimmers, a cleaning dock and a carrying case.

You can soak a cotton ball in lemon juice and leave it on a shelf, or squirt juice directly into the bowl.

For even less work, just slice a lemon in half and leave it in a bowl face-up. This should be done before the cleaners even come to your home.

When talking to the agent of the company, make sure you specify exactly what you’re expecting from the service.

Besides removing external dirt, stains and dust, all coffee makers require periodic deep cleaning.

Our maid cleaning company can help; just cut a lemon in half and grate the fleshy side of the lemon on both sides of your grater.

The lemon oil and juice will break down those stuck-on dairy proteins, and you’ll stop yourself from having to shred a sponge apart.

Cut a lemon in two and squeeze both halves into a bowl that has been partially filled with water.

Now, toss the lemon halves into your half-water, half-lemon juice mixture and microwave for 3-5 minutes on the highest available setting. Battery life is rated at up to 50 minutes on a full charge and a quick five-minute charge will get you enough juice for a shave. 

The Braun Series 7 isn’t the top-of-the-line Braun (the $250 Series 9 is).

Place it in your fridge, and your fridge will never smell better. Others don’t specify except to say to use a store-bought descaling solution. Some manufacturers instruct you to do this with a vinegar-and-water solution.

Scale your kettle. Specifically, their internal water heating systems should be descaled regularly. Once your microwave timer goes off, just wipe up the oven’s interior with a paper towel, and you’re done. Voila – you’ve made a cheap, fresh, and effective glass cleaner.

De-cheese your cheese grater.

Graters aren’t easy to clean once little shreds of cheese crust on the inside cutting edges.iStock Image

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