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Cowboy officially dismissal master coach Jason Grett

Many days of meeting, countless guess, news, no news, cowboy finally made a decision.

US Sunday, according to wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping NetWork reporters report, cowboy officially dismissed the second long coach Jason Galrett of the team’s term of office.

The results of Galley were not surprised, and wholesale jerseys online the unexpected is Jerry Jones to do this for a long time. At this point, the last regular season of the cowboy has been a week, and the news announced that the Eagle and the Eagle’s outer card play is in full swing.

Although I decided that I have just announced, but the cowboy has been interviewed by the front packaging worker Mike McCarthy and the former Mamage coach Marvin – Lewis.

Garet 1993-1999 was served as a Sadwood in Cowboy. In 2007, he joined the new coach group of Wade Phillips (Wade Phillips) and served as an offensive coordinator. In 2010, Phillips was stirred, Galert became the agent of the head coach, and it has led the cowboy to achieve the record of 85-67. This year’s cowboy offensive group has four professional bowls of players: Ezekiel Elliott, Strong Travis Frederick, wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping Human Zack – Martin (Zack Martin, the disappearance Tyron SMITH. Their total propulsion code can also be placed on the branch of the league, but when the team is more than 2-6, there is a weakness that is weak. In the end, they were also turned over by the eagle, lost the opportunity to enter the playoffs, and Galt also lost the possibility of saving the rice bowl.

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