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古巴雪茄烟好抽吗 帕塔加斯迷你雪茄好抽吗

Hi everyone, today I am going to show you how to make a burdock root tea.

For those who don’t know what is a burdock root, here it is.

Looks like a Chinese yam, but longer and slimmer.

First off, brush and wash the skin, and then cut diagonally into thin slices, 帕塔加斯迷你 as thin as possible.

Lay the burdock root slices on a flat and ventilated container.

You can dry them naturally, or dry with a food dehydrator.

Here the weather is not very nice, so I am using a food dehydrator.

Arrange them on the plate.

Dehydrate for about 6 hours.

If the weather is good enough, the best way to do is dry them under the sun and leave them to dry for a day or two.

When they are almost done, check by touching the burdock root slices and see if they are dried completely. They should be shrink a little as well.

When they are dried completely, stir fry them in a pan.

Heat a pan over low to medium heat, no oil, and fry the dried slices.

Stir once in a while to help the heat distribute evenly.

Cook for about 15 minutes.

You can tell by the sound while you are cooking.

When they are almost done, take a slice and see if it’s dried completely.

When they are ready, allow them to cool, and then you can make tea with them.

Add in a few slices in the tea pot, pour in hot water. Wait for a few minutes.

Dried burdock root slices need some time to release the flavor in hot water, so you’d better use a container that is capable to preserve hot beverage. Or you can just leave the pot on a little stove to cook for a few minutes.

A strong tea has an amber color.

While a weak tea looks golden like mine.

It tastes somehow similar as a roasted barley tea, with a little ginseng aroma.

You can make the tea like this, or add in some honey or rock sugar.

In general, you can serve it weak or strong, and it’s refreshing either way.

So give it a try if you like the burdock flavor.

It’s very easy and handy. Thanks for watching.